How to Delete Zomato Account

Zomato is a well-known platform for finding restaurants and ordering food online. It offers reviews and ratings for the eateries as well as the ability for users to place meal orders from a selection of them. The process is simple if you wish to delete your Zomato account for any reason.

How to Delete Zomato Account (Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial)

We’ve discussed the steps to delete your Zomato account.

  1. Open Zomato

    The first step to delete your Zomato account is to open the Zomato app or website on your mobile phone. You can delete your Zomato account from both the app and website.

  2. Go to ‘Your Profile’ section

    After opening the Zomato app or website, go to the ‘Your Profile’ section. You can easily spot this option as it is light blue in color.

  3. Click on ‘Settings’

    Next, click on the ‘Settings’ button which is present among the four options in the bottom menu bar of the screen.

  4. Click on ‘Account settings’

    After you go to your settings, you will see various settings. From the options, click on ‘Account settings.’

  5. Click on ‘Delete account’

    In the account settings, click on the ‘Delete account’ option.

  6. Select your reason for deleting the account

    Before you can delete the account, Zomato will ask you to select the reason for which you are deleting the account. It is like a feedback system of the app. Select the appropriate reason.

  7. Give feedback if you wish to

    If you want to give any feedback, you can fill it in here and then click on ‘Next.

  8. Click on ‘Delete my account now’

    After clicking on the ‘Delete my account now’ button, your account will be permanently deleted.


If you’ve made the decision to delete your Zomato account, the process is easy to follow. If you take the eight simple steps┬ámentioned above, your account will be permanently deleted. Make sure you have used any remaining balance or awards linked to your account, though, before you deactivate it.

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