What is a Punch Press Machine?

Punching presses are common tools used in the manufacturing industry and are a vital aid that has made great progress in this particular field. With constant technological upgrades, it keeps on becoming more advanced and proficient in its work. 

Yet, they are, after all, machines, and just like every other machine in existence, they too tend to break down. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on some common problems and issues that one might face with punching presses. 

If you are looking forward to investing in a punch press machine or already have one, this article will help you understand the machine better, and hence help you prepare yourself for future occurrences. 

Understanding A Punch Press 

Punching press machines are tools that help shape, reshape, and manipulate raw materials such as metal. Only through this manipulation, the manufacturing industry can create new products. Therefore, punching press machines are a very important factor in the manufacturing industry and Accurl has been an active provider to the world. 

Now, moving on to their work, punching press machines can cut through sturdy materials with ease. Accurl’s punching press machines are installed with the latest technologies that can help you cut through your desired materials without any hassle. 

Also, thanks to the same technology, you can cut any shape you desire without limiting yourself. Accurl provides a set of dies that you may use to cut any shape you desire. 

How A Punching Press Operates 

Next, we will understand how a punching press operates, because only when you understand that can you address the issues that may occur. A punching press has the following parts:

  • A ram fueled by an electric or hydraulic system
  • A workstation for an operator to operate the machine

The ram that is fueled by a hydraulic or electric system, like that in Accurl’s Electro Servo Turret Punch Press – ES NT Series, is used to pressure the desired material against a die. Under the pressure, the material cuts into the shape of the die, thus creating the expected shape.

When it comes to maximum benefit, punching press machines are perfect for producing a large scale of the same kind of shape if the items are small in size. The punching press relieves you of the labor and effort of manually cutting raw materials. Instead, you get precise and accurate products with the least bit of effort. 

Accurl’s punching press machines come with REXROTH MTX Series CNC Controller unit, which gives you maximum control of your machine. Also, this technology is exceptionally user-friendly, allowing your employees to easily figure out the machine and put it to its best use. 

Common Issues Of The Punching Press And Their Solutions

Punching press machines can malfunction and cause issues at times, which is completely normal. No matter how advanced the technology is, there will be times when they may face issues. Especially for heavy machinery like the punching press, there might be small internal issues that can spark a problem.

However, these issues are nothing uncommon and have plenty of signals and signs that you can look out for and thus, prevent. We will take a look at some punching press common problems and their subsequent solution for you to have a seamless experience with your machinery. 

Oil leakage 

One of the most common issues is oil leakage. If you notice traces of oil around the ram, the hydraulic lines, or near hose ends, understand that your machine is leaking oil. The main reasons for such oil leaks are either one of the two:

  • You are using the wrong hydraulic oil
  • The fittings are not fitted properly and are loose

What can you do?

The best solution you can opt for is to make sure you are using the recommended oil for your punching press machine. The next thing to check is the fittings. Make sure you tighten them properly. 


Another very common and general concern with most machinery is overheating. If your punching press machine is overheating, the issue may lie with:

  • Contaminated hydraulic fluid
  • Excessive pressure and friction within the machine 

What can you do?

The solution for such issues is regular clean-up and maintenance. Usually, the average temperature of a machine should not go beyond 150-degree Fahrenheit. But if it does, understand that you are working your punching press machine too much. Therefore, refrain from overworking and always do a routine check-up and cleaning. 

Abnormal noises from the machine 

If you notice abnormal noises coming from the punching press machine, the main causes can be:

  • Overheating
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Presence of air bubbles within the fluid
  • Damaged parts 

The reason why looking out for abnormal noises is so important is because they are warning signals that something is going wrong or is about to go wrong with your machine. Therefore, if you notice any unusual noises while the punching press machine is operating, stop immediately and check for the above-mentioned factors. 

What can you do?

The solution for such an issue is:

  • Check for the fluid levels
  • Check for any damaged parts
  • Check for oil leaks 

If nothing seems wrong and yet the noises persist, get in touch with an expert immediately. 

Delayed pressure build-up  

Lastly, if you notice the pressure of your punching press machine is not the usual, there may be issues with pressure build-up. The possible reasons for that are:

  • Issues with the pump
  • Contaminated fluid
  • Leaking parts

What can you do?

You can start by examining and taking a thorough look at the state of the pump. Next, check the areas and parts around it to ensure that they are in good working conditions and are clean. 


So, these are some common problems and solutions for punching presses. While machines can go haywire at times, you can do your part to ensure that those chances are reduced to a minimum. The first thing to do is to ensure that you have frequent Punching Press Troubleshooting scheduled. Remember that the better you maintain your punching press machine, the longer it will run and offer you its services.

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