What is a Laser Cutting Machine?

A huge part of the manufacturing industry is dedicated to cutting and shaping metals. Thankfully, there have been plenty of machines around that have been able to make such cutting and reshaping possible.

One such tool is the laser cutting machine. It has been around for a long time, but only after recent technological advancements has it become the best version of itself. Laser cutting machines are active apparatuses being used in various fields including the shipbuilding and airplane-building industries, mobile and transport industries, and the manufacturing industries. 

Therefore, it is only natural to learn more about this tool and that is what we will do in today’s article. Here, you will find out what a laser cutting machine is and how it works. Read on and find out! 

About Laser Cutting Machine

Before we begin, it is only right for us to first understand what is a laser cutter machine. A laser cutting machine, as the name suggests, is a machine that uses a laser (a concentrated beam) to cut metals and other substances through the thermal process.

The desired shape is cut out as the concentrated beam of the laser is put in continuous motion. The result is extremely accurate details, which are clean and precise. 

The laser cutting machine is an extremely efficient machine that provides great results, with less wastage. More so, with current technology and the introduction of CNC control features, laser cutting machines like those offered by Accurl, are setting new standards for metal cutting. 

Work Process Of A Laser Cutting Machine

Next, we will focus on how does a laser cutter work. As mentioned earlier, laser cutting machines use a concentrated laser beam, which does the work of cutting the metal. It also has an additional co-axial gas jet that helps create a kerf by removing the molten material out of the way. Accurl’s laser technology is precise and accurate and has the most advanced technology supporting it to give you the best results. 

Based on their operations, laser cutting machines can be divided into three types. Let us quickly take a look to understand the workings of a laser cutting machine. 

Remote cutting 

As mentioned earlier, laser cutting machines use a gas jet to get rid of the molten material. However, in this method, there is no gas jet or assisting jet that helps eject the molten material. However, this method does use a laser beam of very high intensity. The intensity is high enough to simply evaporate the material. Thus, this method is the most convenient for delicate cuttings and cutting thin shits. 

Fusion cutting 

The fusion cutting method uses inert gases such as nitrogen as the assisting gas. As the gas is inert, there are no external reactions. 

Flame cutting

In this method, oxygen plays the role of assisting gas. To get rid of the molten material, the flame-cutting method uses external mechanical force. Also, this method observes exothermic reactions, unlike the fusion cutting method, and thus, uses more energy for operation. 

Apart from all these types, laser cutting machines nowadays are automated with the help of offline systems such as CAD/CAM systems. The methods are precise and detailed, so even carving three-dimensional patterns is possible. 

Accurl has a range of products with the highest technical support and features, which makes your result accurate, precise, and effortless. 

Factors to consider while purchasing laser cutting machine

Now that you understand the laser cutting machine process and its types, we shall now tell you about a few things that you should keep in mind while you are looking for the ideal machine. 

  • The first and foremost thing to look out for is the size of the machine. This factor is often overlooked and later causes major problems. Make sure you get a machine that fits your workspace and yet has enough walking and moving space around it. Accurl’s MasterLINE 6Kw-15Kw Fiber Laser Machine is perfect for businesses that do not have a huge space. 
  • If your business involves heavy laser cutting, look out for machines that have high power input and high power cutting abilities. 
  • The next things to look out for are the venting and cooling systems. A good machine will have proper venting and cooling systems so that your machine can run for long and without as much as a hitch. 
  • Check if your machine comes with a trial run or a demo. It does not make sense if you invest in a machine that you cannot even operate properly.
  • Lastly, make sure you understand the features well before you pay for them. Your machine should have all the necessary features that you need and nothing extra. This is why Accurl offers customization options for your machine. That way, you can have the perfect machine for your business. Accurl has excellent after-sales service that includes consultation about machine operations, maintenance, and programming. 

Investing in a laser cutting machine is a big investment. Therefore, you would only want to invest in the best and nothing less. Accurl, with over 33 years of experience, is one of the best laser cutting machine providers out there. Therefore, if you want your investment to be worth it, starting with Accurl is a great and wise choice. 


If you are thinking of investing in this particular machine, this article is your perfect Laser Cutting Machine Guide that you can go by. They are great as a long-term asset and will provide you exceptional results as long as you choose the right model.

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