How to Operate CNC Press Brake Machine

No matter which field of business you are in, it is always better to know your craft so that you can make the best out of it while avoiding any pitfalls. The same goes for the manufacturing industry. Whether you are a fabricator or a business owner, knowing how the tools and apparatus of your business run can prove extremely useful.

There are various types of tools in this industry among which, a prominent machine is the press brake machine. Ever since the advancement of technology, these tools have kept on evolving, and today, the ones we have are extremely efficient and powerful. This gives you more reason to understand how they work. 

With that in mind, today we will look into the working of a CNC press brake machine. We will understand what the machine is all about and how it does what it does. Therefore, if you are ready, let us understand how the CNC press brake works.  

What is a CNC Press Brake Machine?

You may have heard of a press brake machine, but what is a CNC press brake machine? A press brake machine in itself is a tool that helps in bending and manipulating materials to give you the desired shapes and angles. However, when you add advanced technology to this machine, it becomes a  CNC press brake machine.

In other words, a  CNC press brake machine is a press brake machine that has an in-built Computer Numerically Controlled system of a CNC. The CNC system is a computer program that can accurately guide a press brake machine to bend the raw material at the desired angle. 

This results in highly accurate and precise metal bending, no matter how the length of the material. Accurl has high-level technology invested in their products that gives you extreme precision and accuracy. 

Types of  CNC press brake machine

Now that we have understood what a  CNC press brake machine is, we will now take a look at the different types of  CNC press brake machines out there. Essentially, you can divide the different types of machines based on their structure. In that format,  CNC press brake machines are of two types:

Up Forming

In this type, the machine consists of a fixed top part, which has a protruding V-shaped tool attached to it. The machine also consists of a bottom part, which can move and is also v-shaped. When a material is blacked between the top and bottom part, the bottom part applies pressure on the material against the top part, thus creating the required bend.

Down Forming

This type of  CNC press brake machine is almost similar to the Up forming type. The only difference here is that instead of the top part, the bottom part is fixed. The top beam has to move against the fixed bottom part to make the necessary dents and bends. 

Apart from that, there are no significant differences between either type. Both work in a similar manner; thus, there are no differences in results. You may choose the types that suit your needs the best. 

How to Operate CNC Press Brake Machine

Now that we have understood what a  CNC press brake machine is and its different types, it is now time to understand the workings of a CNC press brake machine. 

A press brake machine, as mentioned earlier, is a machine that uses hydraulic or electric power to put pressure against materials to bend them in certain angles and shapes. However, when you add an AI-powered program to it, it becomes a  CNC press brake machine. 

Understanding CNC Press Brake working is quite simple. In fact, the CNC system in Accurl machines make operating a press brake machine infinitely easier and user-friendly. Not only is it so, but you also get extremely precise and accurate bending, with barely any space for errors.

Firstly, you need to feed the right information to the CNC program. This information includes data on the angles and degree of bend you want on the raw material or the kind of shape you want it to form. 

However, you need to be careful that the information is correct. There needs to be a bit of specification on that front because only then will you be able to get your desired shape and bend. Once you have fed the data, the computer will start to analyze the data and start operating.

Depending on the type of your machine — Up forming or Down forming — the computer will instruct the movable part to move in a predicted manner, causing the desired bends in the raw material. Accurl’s advanced technology makes the whole process swift, precise, and accurate. 

Depending on the shape that you want, you may attach a different die (the V-shaped tool) and knives (attached to the movable part) to the machine to get a precise shape. 


So that is how a CNC press brake machine operates. If you are thinking of investing in them, you need to be well aware of how they operate to get the best use out of them. The other thing that you can do is to invest in an excellent product.

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