How to Become a Web Developer

In the era of digitalization web development is one of the most highly demanded services. From creating fast-loading, highly dynamic, and responsive websites to complex web solutions, one can only think about all these with web development. 

So it is clear that becoming a web developer will present an individual with ample opportunities. Whether you are a newly-graduate fresher or a tech-enthusiast individual from a completely different domain, becoming a successful web developer is an achievable goal. In this blog, we will be discussing the skill set and expertise you require to become a successful web developer.

What is Web Development and Web Developer?

Web development is a process or set of practices that need to be followed in creating, and managing websites, web applications, and other online web solutions. Web development requires knowledge of several programming languages, development frameworks, and sets of tools. The process includes multiple steps like designing, coding, testing, and maintaining. 

A professional individual well-versed in all the above practices and knows the required programming languages, frameworks, and tools to create and maintain websites or web applications is referred to as a web developer.

Skills and Knowledge Required to Become a Web Developer

To become a complete web developer an individual needs technical skills, soft skills, and knowledge of the different frameworks of web development as well as the tools required.

Technical Skills

To become a web developer the technical skills one needs are:

  • HTML and CSS to create and style website layouts
  • JavaScript to create interactive and dynamic web pages
  • React, Angular, Vue.js, and more front-end frameworks 
  • Among PHP, Python, or Ruby at least one back-end programming language
  • Node.js, Django, Laravel, or more back-end frameworks
  • MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and  other databases
  • Version control tools like Git and GitHub

Soft Skills

A web developer needs to have these soft skills:

  • Problem-solving ability to troubleshoot coding errors and bugs
  • Attention to detail for accuracy and functionality of written code
  • Communication and collaboration skills to work in a team
  • Time management skills to meet deadlines

Web Development Frameworks and Tools

The web development frameworks and tools a web developer must be familiar with are:

  • Front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, and Materialize
  • CSS preprocessors like Sass and Less
  • Tools specifically Webpack, Gulp, and Grunt
  • Content management systems including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla

How to Become a Web Developer


Self-taught experts are one of the biggest trends in the digitalization period. It is one of the most convenient ways to become a web developer as well. With the growing dependency on the internet, it has become the source of everything and by utilizing this one can become a web developer too. An individual can learn web development via online resources, like blogs, tutorials, and the highly-preferred option of YouTube videos. Becoming a self-taught web developer is the right fit for those who prefer to learn at their speed.

The Traditional Education

Traditional education is another way to become a web developer. One can become a web developer by completing a computer science degree course from any university. The traditional education approach is best suited for individuals who prefer an orthodox, structured education within a learning environment.


Bootcamps are a significant option for those who want to acquire practical knowledge of web development processes. Bootcamps are short-term but intensive programs that offer practical training to learners. Web development boot camps are designed in such a way that enables the students to learn faster and become job-ready.

Online Courses

Another option to become a web developer is getting enrolled in an online course on a reputed platform. There are hundreds of online web development courses available that offer both theoretical and practical teaching to students. This approach is right for those who prefer to learn from industry experts but at an affordable cost.

Gain Practical Experience and Create a Portfolio

Build Projects

Once an individual has gained the knowledge and the skills required to become a web developer it is recommended to start creating personal projects like building a personalized website, a web application, and more.

Take Part in Hackathons

Hackathons are events where developers collaborate to create solutions for real-world problems but within a short timeframe. To gain practical experience participating in hackathons is one of the best methods.


Freelancing is one of the best methods one can follow to gain more practical knowledge in web development. By freelancing an individual not only gains experience but also earns money for his efforts. One can try platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr to start their web development freelancing services.

Create a Portfolio

When one has enough completed projects it is time to create a portfolio website where all his best works must be placed to showcase his experience and skills along with his personal information. This portfolio website will be useful to contact employers as well as clients for jobs or future project purposes.

How to Find a Job as a Web Developer

Start with a Portfolio Creation

As said earlier a portfolio is useful to contact employers and clients for job or projects related communications. It is a very critical element to land a job or freelancing projects. A portfolio must be appealing and only include the best works and personal details.


To get a job not just in the web development domain but in any industry networking has emerged as one of the most vital aspects to secure a job. One must make connections and maximize job opportunities via platforms like LinkedIn. One can also join hackathons, meetups, and conferences related to web development to boost job opportunities.


An individual must be actively looking for web developer job vacancies on multiple job portals and when he finds the best roles for him he must apply. But before that, he needs to customize his resume by including his experience, qualifications, portfolio website link, and more.

Continue Learning to Stay Up-to-Date

Even after securing a job or starting the freelancing journey, it is recommended to continue learning to stay up-to-date with all the ongoing changes and trends in the web development industry. It will help in learning new skills and understanding new frameworks or tools launched in the market.

Wrapping Up

An individual who has the qualities such as a dedicated mindset, hard-working nature, and always open to challenges and new learning opportunities can become a successful web developer. From skills, and methods, to how to land a job as a web developer all can be found in this blog. Follow all these and become a successful professional in the realm of web development.

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