9 Best Sales Forecasting Software in 2023

A successful business strategy is always incomplete without sales forecasting. It helps businesses speculate future sales and earnings to make well-informed decisions for not only inventory and staffing but also for marketing and growth scopes. 

Through this blog, we will be showcasing 9 of the best sales forecasting software in 2023 to help you stay updated and make well-informed decisions.

9 Best Sales Forecasting Software in 2023

1. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the most reliable software offering businesses in-depth analytics and detailed forecasting abilities. This software enables businesses to precisely predict upcoming sales and income by taking the present trends and past records into consideration.

Some Exciting Features

  • Contact Management- Keeps all the contact information of customers in one place.
  • Opportunity Management- Enables businesses to manage all their sales opportunities via the sales pipeline.
  • Lead Management- Helps businesses catch, analyze, and assign leads to the right-suited sales representative.

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a popular cloud-oriented business management program to optimize activities like sales, marketing or promotion, and consumer support. Projection software for sales and income is one of the crucial components of Zoho CRM. The advanced software is enriched with new-gen features and functionalities that allow businesses to handle their sales systematically while predicting future earnings.

Some Exciting Features

  • AI-Based Forecasting- Utilizing robust AI algorithms Zoho CRM offers accurate sales predictions depending on past records and current trends.
  • Customizable Models- In Zoho CRM users get the option to create their custom forecast models tailored to their specific business requirements.
  • Collaborative Forecasting- Using this software, members of the sales team can work collaboratively in real-time to view, edit, and comment on the predictions.

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is one of the highly preferred sales projection tools. It is designed to enable businesses to enhance existing sales-related operations and make data-backed decisions. With Pipedrive businesses can efficiently organize and trace leads, while also assessing sales information to discover the current trends and scopes for scaling the business.

Some Exciting Features

  • Sales Funnel Visualization- Businesses can efficiently and effectively track orders and predict total income or revenue using Pipedrive’s visual sales pipeline.
  • Customizable Reports- Businesses can get their sales forecasting reports customized based on their requirements.
  • Forecast Accuracy- In the Pipedrive software businesses can track the possibility of securing deals, which automatically improves the forecast accuracy.

4. SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud is another highly-rated sales forecasting software in 2023. It is one of the most comprehensive options available for businesses. The software solution offers a wide range of features that enable businesses to drive growth by effectively controlling and organizing their sales practices. 

Some Exciting Features

  • Insightful Segmentation- SAP Sales Cloud offers a detailed consumer segmentation that offers in-depth information on consumer behavior and preferences.
  • Target- With this software businesses can leverage the benefit of financial planning while setting targets for themselves.
  • Robust Analytics- SAP offers robust analytics and insights to help businesses make better decisions.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot is a platform offering cutting-edge tools not just for marketing but also for sales, and consumer services. Utilizing these tools businesses can predict upcoming sales as well as income in an accurate way. Not only that businesses can avail custom forecasting models to assess and identify the purchasing habits of their target consumers.

Some Exciting Features

  • Tracking Progress- In HubSpot businesses can not only just predict expected sales and revenue but can also track the progress for it. 
  • Consumer Behavior Trend- HubSpot can help businesses assess consumer behaviors to discover the latest trends.
  • Automation- Businesses can automate repetitive tasks using this sales projection tool.

6. OnPlan

OnPlan is a revolutionary software allowing businesses to create “what if?” stimulated circumstances to predict upcoming sales more specifically. Integrated with advanced features this sales projection software helps businesses in budget planning as well. Overall the software empowers businesses to make well-informed business decisions.

Some Exciting Features

  • Rolling Forecasts- Utilizing OnPlan businesses can continuously predict sales and other financials with rolling forecasts feature that automatically adapts to any instantaneous change and offers more precise predictions.
  • Scenario Planning- Businesses can assess and evaluate several hypothetical scenarios and their influence on their overall performance to make the right choices. 
  • Budgeting- Businesses can efficiently optimize their budgeting processes with the incorporated budgeting module in OnPlan.

7. Aviso Insights

Aviso Insights is a projection software for upcoming sales. The algorithms of the software utilize AI to assess and evaluate previous sales information and then create the pattern to project upcoming sales. The interesting aspect of Aviso Insights is that it can be integrated with numerous pre-installed CRM systems.

Some Exciting Features

  • Simple Integration- The Aviso Insights software can be easily integrated within the already installed CRM systems.
  • Complete Package- The software includes a complete range of tools and features that allow businesses to assess ongoing trends, track performance, and even for market segmentation.
  • Pattern- Businesses receive more accurate information as the software identifies an ongoing pattern in previous sales records before projecting forthcoming sales.

8. Workday

Workday is another prediction and analytics software that assists businesses in efficiently and precisely predicting upcoming sales. Apart from forecasting Workday offers multiple other robust features to streamline sales and marketing operations while enhancing team collaboration.

Some Exciting Features

  • Interface- The excel-focused interface makes the Workday software easy to understand.
  • Dashboard- The all-inclusive dashboard in Workday allows businesses to track KPIs and real-time sales data simultaneously. 
  • Complimentary Offerings- Businesses get access to free training and support services when they purchase the Workday software.

9. Anaplan

Anaplan is leading-edge software that enables the linking of data from various systems, allowing for instantaneous tracking of sales pipelines and forecasts. In addition, the software provides projection analytics, which enables businesses to explore expansion opportunities.

Some Exciting Features

  • Forecasting Analytics- The Anaplan software marks out the patterns and connections within data to allow businesses to predict precise upcoming sales and income.
  • Dashboard- The advanced dashboard showcases the information in an easy-to-understand format to allow businesses to make the right decisions efficiently.
  • Updated Data Synchronization- With the Anaplan software businesses can make sure that the data remains updated across all the interconnected systems.

How To Select The Right Sales Forecasting Software?

When you are looking for the perfect sales prediction software to integrate into your day-to-day business activities, it is highly recommended to evaluate the software considering certain factors-

  • Accuracy of the findings
  • Integration possibility with pre-installed systems
  • Complexity in operating the software solution
  • Scope of customization
  • Range of analytic functionalities
  • Availability of complimentary support services


Sales projection software solutions can simplify business operations for businesses of all sizes. These software solutions offer top-tier quality and functionality, and there are assorted options available in the market. By evaluating current business trends and assessing previous sales records, sales prediction software in 2023 can present precise results. This, in turn, can enable businesses to plan their next phases of operation with greater accuracy and confidence.

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